Document Management Solutions


Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of documents? Struggle to retrieve information stored in your e-documents. Effective management of your e-documents and being able to search them quickly and accurately is becoming a critical aspect of business. Our product's Doxplore and Enterprise Doxplore empower intelligent document classification and search.



(Desktop based solution)

Doxplore is a powerful unicode supported, document management and search solution for your desktop documents. It allows fast access to relevant documents through clearly labelled folders. Doxplore supports most of the popular document types. Documents can be instantly found by keywords or phrases. Email and print documents. Read more ...


Enterprise Doxplore

(Web based solution)

Enterprise Doxplore is a user friendly, multi user, multi location document management solution to convert your office to a paperless office and being feature rich converts all your documents to enterprise wide assets. Enterprise Doxplore saves time taken searching for information, reduces paper storage costs, while increasing efficiency across the entire organization. Read more ...