Doxplore Digitizer


Doxplore Digitizer is a software that helps you Scan your physical documents, perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned images to make them searchable by content.

From speedy searches to saving space, there are numerous benefits to scanning your documents with Doxplore Digitizer OCR feature :



No more re-typing
If you lose or accidentally erase an important digital file, such as a proposal or a contract , but still have a hard copy, you can easily replace it in your system by using OCR to scan the original paper document or most recent draft.
Searchable information
OCR software converts scanned text into a format that can be read and searched by computers , enabling search for specific documents using a keyword or phrase. For example, you could effortlessly search hundreds of invoices and locate a specific name or account in moments, without manually browsing through a large set of files.
Edit text
Once you’ve scanned your document using OCR, you have the option to edit the text by storing it within a word format (.doc). Expedite your editing process of Scanned files that may need constant to be to be updated in the future.
Save space
Free up physical storage space by scanning paper documents and disposing or warehousing the originals physical documents. These documents post scanning OCR can also serve as a backup in case of unforeseen damages to paper documents.


  • Scan documents
  • Ability to scan physical documents from TWAIN-compatible devices. You may scan single or multiple documents in a single session.
  • Multiple scanned files can be combined to a single Adobe PDF file or separate PDF files can be created for each individual scanned file.
  • Scan multiple image formats like BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF or a PDF document.
  • Perform OCR and make scanned documents searchable
  • You can perform OCR on the fly with the Scan operation.
  • Users can define the number of pages, to conduct OCR.
  • The readable text post OCR can be displayed in a Word document.
  • Images in the paper document will be placed in the same location after OCR, thereby retaining original layout.
  • Ability to detect incorrectly oriented pages and fix it automatically.
  • Ability to scale image automatically for better recognition.
  • Robust technology supports images with poor brightness or low contrast.
  • Ability to detect and handle inverted text.
  • Unique character analysis technology delivering reliable recognition of any fonts.
  • Advanced algorithms for poor-quality text, distorted, connected and broken characters.
  • Ability to format text automatically: remove unnecessary line breaks, combine divided words, detect marked lists, etc
  • PDF operations

This section is used to perform different operations on PDF files. Some operations will be restricted to PDF files those are either password protected or corrupted.

  • Combine multiple pages of a file to a single PDF.
  • Extract pages from a source PDF file and create a new copy of PDF file from the specific pages only.
  • Insert content of a PDF file in another PDF file in the position specified by the user.
  • Password Protect or Unprotect PDF files.