Smart Docs
A smart and intuitive product for content collaboration, which is scalable, secure, efficient, easily deployed, and accessible on the cloud and on-premises.

Simple and secure way to work together

Are you struggling with lost or unorganized content, sensitive data leakage risks, poor security controls while storing, managing and sharing content? You need a reliable, scalable, agile and costeffective content management platform that is accessible securely from anywhere and at any time. Digitally transform your organization using the number one, holistic and Enterprise Content Collaboration and BPM Platform SmartDocs. Companies can use it for content management with workflows, audit and compliance, internal and external stakeholder collaboration. It has powerful 256-bit AES encryption, multi-language support, and multi-device accessibility for users. SaaS, on-premise as well as hybrid installations are supported.

An all-in-one collaboration and governance platform

SmartDocs enables efficient collaboration between internal and external stakeholders of an enterprise. It offers granular permission-based content sharing and generates detailed audit trails for effective governance.
Content infrastructure that helps you organize, view and share content.
  • Strong governance framework with role-based data access and audit trails for secure collaboration.
  • Powerful workflow engine to quickly design WYSIWYG workflows to run collaborative business processes across all stakeholders.
  • Full set of REST-based API framework to enable integration with your existing applications. Components of the SmartDocs Platform.


Flexible Deployment
Capability to deploy on cloud or on-premise servers, or hybrid model (partly on-premise and partly on the cloud).
Real-time File Preview
Capability to preview MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Visio, AutoCAD, GDS2, PDF, DICONDE, DICOM and numerous other file formats. Ability to playback audio and video files without downloading.
Microsoft Outlook Integration
Upload your emails or attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook into SmartDocs. Search and add attachments to emails directly from SmartDocs
Secure Content Collaboration Platform
Upload, preview, share, annotate, version and distribute content within users, groups, departments or projects.
Workflows For Process Automation
Automate business functions through easy-tocreate workflows for increased productivity, consistency and reduced operational cost.
Automated Backups
Eliminate risks of data loss through automatic or ad hoc data backup of user defined folders to secure servers replicating the exact directory structure as on user's computer.
Mobility: Anytime, Anywhere Access
Native iOS and Android applications that enable

secure content access at anytime from anywhere via mobile phones and tablets.
Powerful Content Search
Full text search to quickly locate content. Search based on file name, file content or file metadata.
Governance And Compliance
Detailed audit trails, logs and dashboards that report complete set of activities performed on the content.
Flexible Storage
Store your content on the cloud (private or public cloud - IBM SoftLayer, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud providers), on-premise (SAN or NAS) or hybrid with granular level settings for departments and projects.
Microsoft Office 365 & G-suite Integration
Extensive collaboration capabilities that enables real-time edit of documents by multiple users with Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite integration.
Folder Automation
Define and map rules against folders to perform activities based on events or triggers that occur on the folder.
Individual or shared e-Lockers to store high-value and confidential files; can be configured to operate based on biometric authentication or transaction password.


Efficient content management has an impact on how individuals, teams or organizations work efficiently in modern times.
Cost Reduction
Go digital from the use of paper files and save money on paper, printing and storage. Witness significant reduction in time to retrieve.
Email Integration
Avoid email attachments, resulting network choking and clutter and confusion around attachments.
Security and Control
Decide who can view, download or modify documents using granular levels of permission settings and controls.
Business Agility
Quickly and easily access information and collaborate on the spot. Speeds up decision making.
Search using file name, tags or content of the document. Avail statistics such as who created, when, how many revisions, and more.
Data Loss Prevention
Retrieve deleted documents from the recycle bin in SmartDocs. All documents are versioned.
Flexible Storage
Provides scalability, faster thumbnail previews, and secure space of the physical storage.
Audit and Risk Management
Know who has read or not read documents. Monitor usage, storage utilization, and system availability using dashboards.
Organize Documents Smartly
Organize your documents and videos based on business hierarchy (by branches or departments) with ease of explorer like interface.
Avoid Human Error
Always get the latest version of documents and files.