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About the Client
A Defence organization, conducting round-the-year real-life operations at sea. Despite being relatively small, it has a wide range of task capabilities for both surface and air operations. The organization is headed by the DGICG exercising his overall command and superintendence from the headquarters, CGHQ located at New Delhi. At CGHQ, he is assisted by four Deputy Director Generals of the rank of Inspector General, and other senior officers heading various staff divisions.

Business Requirements

Record - Each record has an associated document, owner, classification and metadata with it.
Records Accessibility
All the records in the repository may belong to different units of the organisation. Any unit will be allowed to view records belonging to their organisation unit. In addition, they will be also allowed to have 'view only' access of documents of the central units.
Global Filters
All the records in the repository may belong to certain set of criteria. Global filters section allows user to view only those documents that meet a set of criteria. The filter that is applied will be applicable for all actions until it is replaced, unselected or removed.
Connectivity Issue in 'Ships'
The Units that were in 'Ships' were mostly at the sea where intranet connection was not a possibility. In this period, various versions of the records would be uploaded and when the ship arrives on the Port where connectivity is available the repository had to be incrementally updated till the latest version.
Linked Records
A record may be linked to other records in the repository. Linked records section allows user to view records linked to the currently viewed record.
Grouping of Documents
All the records will be grouped in multiple categories. User can drill down to parent and child group at ease. A file can belong to multiple groups. By selecting the group of choice user can view list of files belongs to selected group.
Whenever, the record stored in centralized repository gets updated, a new version based on Type of version (global / major / minor / trivial) will be created. Multiple versions of the record can be stored without changing the original record, though only the latest version will be visible in the repository.

Noveline Solution

  • Record Repository
  • Metadata
  • Linked Records
  • View Records
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Quick View
  • Global Filters