Industrial Product Design
What results from the connection of creative design and competent industrialization? Products that not only look good, but also progress to mass production quickly and smoothly. Our service spectrum extends from the concept development to the series production-ready product.
Our experienced industrial design and product development team understands how to strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and functionality. Our experts bring together a deep understanding of your business challenges, product requirements, latest methodologies, technologies and materials, customer use specifications, and costing objectives to accompany you through your entire product design, industrial & product development process.

Stud Welding Machine

Stud welding is used for fixing studs onto the parent material without perforation. Normally for fixing studs and fasteners you will have to adopt operations such as drilling and tapping. By using stud welding you can completely avoid these operations.
Stud welding is a powerful and reliable welding process for applying a single side fastener to a metal component, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, and brass studs and components. A stud welder can work with a range of fasteners, including weld studs, pins, nails, and tags.

Stud Welding Benefits

Superior strength
The process produces a welded joint that is, in fact, stronger than the stud and parent material, for high-quality, reliable fastening. This form of welding does not weaken the material with holes or reverse marking.
Minimal operator fatigue
Our systems have been created to minimise operator fatigue, benefitting from balanced and lightweight designs.
Increased cost savings
The rapid nature of welding studs and flexible applications of our machines help companies save money as well as time.