RFID based Asset Tracking Solution
Leverage Noveline's RFID asset tracking expertise to manage assets faster and more reliably.
Asset management refers to a set of business practices involved in identifying, discovering, procuring, managing, monitoring and disposing assets. It entails having a centralized view of all the assets present in an organisation/unit along with details. Having a thorough asset management process in place will empower you to make data-backed, strategic decisions about acquiring new assets, which will lead to cutting unnecessary expenses.
Asset Tracking System


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) makes Asset Tracking quicker and more accurate than barcode.
RFID eliminates the need for line-of-sight scanning. This means you can be several feet away from an asset and still read the tag. This means no more crawling under furniture or behind server racks to get to your asset tags.
More Secure
RFID tags provide a high degree of security and asset authentication because they're more difficult to replicate than a simple barcode label. This ensures data integrity which helps improve overall accountability.
RFID enables you to read multiple tags together. This results in much faster physical inventories, especially when you have lots of assets close together. Imagine the time you'll save auditing employee workstations, server rooms, and storage areas.
More Durable
If you can't read an asset tag, the system won't work. RFID tags are very durable, which helps to ensure readability. And there are a variety of RFID tags designed to work in hot, wet, dirty and or dusty conditions and asset physical characteristics.