Case Studies



Visual Inspection systems consist of 1 Top view camera and 2 Side view cameras. It inspects various defects in the production parts and performs rejection of faulty items.
figure 1.1
Magnets (Auto Industry in this case) are moving at high speed (60 pcs/min) through the conveyor belt. A set of high end cameras capture the images and sends a signal to the rejection pneumatic, if it detects a crack in the item.(see figure 1.1)
The rejection pneumatic pushes out the faulty piece with speed and returns to its position even before the next magnet arrives in the view range of the cameras. (see figure 1.2)
figure 1.2
figure 1.3
The machine vision systems use cameras and image processing software to inspect and judge the quality of parts and processes.(see Figure 1.3) It plays an important role in achieving the highest efficiency in production and manufacturing as well as reducing process costs.